Our company, Forever Shining, was founded by friends and work partners, Allan and Albert. Both had collaborated for many years in an engineering consulting business and have extensive experience in managing major engineering capital projects.

Allan’s daughter – Nicole was diagnosed with a brain tumor while in her fifth year of medical studies. She managed to successfully complete her medical degree even after undergoing brain surgery. Sadly, Nicole passed away while pursuing her specialist studies. Alan sought to create a truly fitting memorial to his incredible daughter. He soon discovered that conventional monuments and memorial products available were not able to offer him the flexibility in design he required to celebrate the full life that Nicole had lived. As engineers, Allan and Albert worked together to design a more fitting memorial. By utilizing the latest technologies and combining these with their decades of engineering experience they created a truly stunning memorial. They were soon approached by other people who were seeking a similar approach to memorialization, and they realized the potential to grow a business based on providing clients with beautiful, stylish and long-lasting monuments.

Since 2005, Albert and Allan have innovated better solutions in the memorial industry. Their simple yet revolutionary technology is changing the way the world designs and produces plaques and memorial products. Their innovative patented ‘design your own’ product lets consumers design a plaque or memorial product on their phone, iPad, PC or laptop. Customers can share login details with friends or family around the world and have their input into the design. Orders and payment take just a few clicks.

Innovation continues to play a key role in the ongoing development of the company. They continue to invest huge amounts in product research and development. The company foundations in engineering mean that there is a dedication to ensuring that all products meet government and metallurgical standards. Expansion into the USA and Canada markets has been a natural progression. We have come to realize that our ‘Design Your Own’ software liberates our customers from the limitations and hurdles put in place by traditional practices.

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